Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finished Socks

I finished these last week but what with the monsoon season upon us, I couldn't get outside to take decent pictures. Finally we had a break in the rain, so here we are.

These are the quickest and happiest socks I've made yet. Made from Lang Yarn's Mille Colori, a wool and acrylic blend, these single-ply socks knit up one a day. The beautiful random colours made it addictive knitting, too... I couldn't wait to see what was coming next. To top it all off, the yarn was on sale at Wool-Tyme for $3.99 a ball, and it takes a ball per sock. What's not to love about these fun socks??! (I went back to Wool-Tyme and bought four other pairs of balls, all in different colourways... these would be great last-minute gifts.)

I also got these off the needles.


This is Handmaiden Casbah sock yarn in a simple fan and feather pattern for my Grandmother. The cashmere in the merino makes these scrumptiously soft, but I am wondering how they will wear... I ripped it back a few times as I auditioned stitch pattens, and the yarn was looking a little tired after the third trip to the frog pond.

Not that it's a big deal. If they should wear through, I would take great delight in knitting another pair for Grandma.


velda said...

oh scrumptious, of course you know I love the first pair...can you explain the strings? Gosh wouldn't it be fun if you could plant wool and grow socks?! ;)

kate said...

3.99 a ball?? Where the hell was I? Don't you love me any more? I'm crushed....