Friday, April 18, 2008

No Knitting Content

Our Lady of Wool graciously commented that my lack of posts and cute-kitty filler content surely must be due to the frantic knitting of the Damask cardigan. I seriously don't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

These last two weeks have been challenging in almost every way possible. Last week, it was emotionally trying. Our eldest daughter has been having a classic case of pre-teen angst and has been engaged in a steady stream of petty thievery from the house, lying, neglecting her duties, and just general poor behaviour. The tasty bottle of grapefruit vodka that DH and I picked up after a couple of days helped (us, not her), but could not be applied first thing in the morning and was not the best long-term solution. Beatings are apparently illegal and of suspect efficiency, and the black market isn't interested in pre-teenagers who simply WILLNOTSHUTUPEVER. (And I mean EVER. She was babbling randomly one day and I simply walked away. She
then started talking to the cat.) (I assume it was the cat. It might have been the toaster.)

Anyhow. Last week, my energy was spent just trying to make it through each day without harming myself or others. This week, too, but it looks, and feels, a little differently.

DH and I are full of ambition and willpower and have been getting up a half-hour earlier than usual this week and going to the gym for either a spin class or weight-training. My body hurts in places I had forgotten about, and I can't manage to get to bed sooner to compensate for the early hour... I never get enough sleep at the best of times. Add to that the dance lessons- not content with an hour of private lessons a week, we're also taking an hour of group lessons. The extra work-outs, lack of sleep and general bodily fatigue really took a toll on the knitting time this week; most days I knit at lunch but this week I've been napping in my truck. At night, if I have time to sit down, pulling out that complicated chart is low on my list of things to do.

We went to a two-hour dance party last night and were thrilled by the costumes and the dancing and thoroughly intimidated by the hoards of skilled dancers that we had to navigate through to find a square inch of floor to dance (or perform a reasonable facsimile thereof) upon. Perhaps not the optimal venue for two newbie dancers to cut their teeth on, but it gave us something to dream about.

All this is a long way of saying, no knitting content. I cast on the toe of a new pair of socks, but they're lace, and that requires more concentration than I have on tap at the moment. I am so looking forward to a nice long sleep-in tomorrow and a day of futzing around with seeds and soil, thread and fabric.


~V said...

wow, I'm so sorry you are both having to deal with that (having btdt with Ash) -- no wonder you've been quiet! (((hugs)))

AlisonH said...

That stage teaches the parents that they can handle anything. Hang in there!

Bergère de Lochaber said...

Sending you hugs and hope the 'season' of angst blows away quickly. I hope you find some nice yarn and garter stitch to play with after your healing naps...oh and that cool music from Snatum Kaur...from the wool one that cares about you!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Ahhhh the pre-teen that's what you've been going through. It explains the comment you left on my blog.

"If kids are such a treasure why can't I just burying them."