Sunday, April 13, 2008

FO: Dreaming of Crocuses

Shortly before our very own crocuses appear, I finished the socks that acted as my lifeline to spring. Their happy vibrant greens with that occasional shot of purple, the toes-up construction, the picot hem all charm me utterly. I think these are my favourite hand-knit socks ever.




I made them almost exclusively to wear with my Chaco sandals... an homage to my West Coast granola girl soul. I know Kate appreciates the fashion statement. Just for her...


And Tsarina? Thanks for the inspiration.



kate said...

Fashion statement indeed! Has your granola magazine subscription started yet(says she with much affection!)?
Truly, they are gorgeous and I too love the picot edge!

Susan said...

Glad you love me just the way I is! :)

~V said...

Lovely, as usual.