Monday, April 7, 2008

At Last

This last weekend, several encouraging signs of spring were noted. I had the distinct pleasure of putting in the screens... although I miss the 2 lux or so of light that they block, having to put them in means the weather has gotten warm enough for flies. You know it's been a hard winter when the sight of the first fly of the season has you all misty-eyed.

SD the Eldest and I did some wicked spring cleaning. The vacuum and she did some serious bonding. It was sweet.

I played tennis on the road with SD the Youngest. We both severely suck and managed to hit a couple of people's cars (no alarms, thank god) but no windows were broken. What a joy just to be outside and actually hear the snow melt.

I went online last week and purchased a large quantity of seeds and plants from Richters. I've dealt with them for years now... you wouldn't think plants via Canada Post would be a great idea, but they always get here healthy and happy. Excellent service from those people, highly recommended.

I just cranked out an 800 word policy paper on municipal taxation for my philosophy class. Just one! more! essay! and I am done this course... with the exception of the final exam. With a course that's all essay questions, it will be interesting to see if I am expected to remember stuff (fact regurgitation) or ponder my navel... or both. Can't wait to have this course done. It's been a long, interesting ride.

I am knee-deep in a quilt right now... pics of the process to follow. I sandwiched it last night and hope to begin machine quilting it tonight, or at least this week. It's an old project that I'll be glad to get off my roster.

I'm also many nights of finger-cramps into a Fair-Isle cardigan. It's pretty... very pretty. It's also a major Pain In The Ass as the chart is complicated and I seem to get messed up often. Knit a row, rip out 20 stitches. Re-knit, re-count, re-rip. Repeat. Pictures are coming... I want to have a full pattern repeat before I post so you can admire her in all her glory.

I hope you are filled with joy, hope and awe as you watch the earth shed her snowy mantle and come back to life once again.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I can see parts of my yard again. I was beginging to thank that it was gone forever!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

OUCH...maybe I shouldn't be typing this early in the am. Perhaps later in the day my spelling will improve. :)

Bergère de Lochaber said...

I am so with you there in the rip rip rip... Same sound here with no pictures for the same reason. I put my sheep in time out and picked up my other knitting because the designer is not my best friend and I have to 'puzzle it out for myself dear' as she helpfully encouraged me over the phone. I will not call her again, I promise. She probably blocked my calls by now anyways...haha.

kate said...

Love love love Spring!

As I write, the neighborhood children are playing outside and I can hear their happy shrieks and giggles floating on the wind.

Our lilies and daffodils are shooting up through the muddy grass, in defiance to the seven foot snow bank that remains solid in the face of the sun!

~V said...

You're always getting so much accomplished even with your busy schedule :) Looking forward to seeing those lovely projects.