Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love a Challenge.

Mum Linda and I compared notes last weekend, and realized we were both out of steam in our work-out routines. Seeing how she's in Lacombe and I'm in Ottawa, you wouldn't think there'd be much we could do to motivate each other, but with a little bit of scheming, we came up with a plan to keep us honest and engaged in our work-out routine.

Between the two of us, we agreed that our ideal week was comprised of 180 minutes of cardio in whatever form we desired, 120 minutes of strength-training, and an hour of yoga. We also agreed to cut the "whites" out from Sunday to Thursday... no white flour, pasta, rice, or sugar. Friday evening and all day Saturday are "within limits" treat days. Red wine is unlimited, with the caveat that for each glass, we perform 100 crunches or equivalent ab exercises.

Last week was technically the first week of the challenge, but it was messed up due to Thanksgiving, and besides was absolutely a horrible week for me on almost every level... evil school assignments/exams met up with personal turmoil etc etc. It was not the week to begin such a serious undertaking... much therapeutic eating was required, and schoolwork left not much time for heading out to the gym.

However. It's Sunday night of a new week and I declare the games open. I took some time tonight and set up a mini-gym in the basement.


Although my "real gym" is only a five-minute walk away, I need to change, don winter clothes etc etc... a simple 20-minute cardio break during studies becomes an hour-long event when I have to leave the house. This looks like a much better option, and it also buys me guilt-free TV time!

I can now watch Glee and Grey's Anatomy while virtuously working out. I love me some multi-tasking.


Anonymous said...

Yup, the less effort you have to make to get to your workout, the better. I try to incorporate it all into my regular day - instead of rolling around moaning when the alarm goes off in the morning, I roll out of bed and do 15 minutes of slow easy yoga stretches. I walk a brisk 20 minutes to work and back and run at lunchtime. During the run I'll stop at park benches and do some push-ups, reverse push-ups and scatter some lunges and squats in between. All that's left is a few free weight work which can be done before bed in front of the TV.

lookinout said...

Sounds good!. Noq qho do you know who would dry some drywallng for some programming?

lookinout said...

Well, should I retype everything with Q or retype my comment removing a few of them? Sorry about that.

Susan said...

XUP... I'm beginning to see the wisdom of your words. I had a super work-out this morning, without leaving the house and making myself presentable. I liked it very much.

Gillian... You'd never knoq it, but my husband is a very good dryqaller. Hoqever, qith his neq job, the basement might never get done. (One room is. I'm not holding my breath.) :)

Velda said...

qay to go Susan!!! qoq, I even got that q thing lol...and it made me laugh :)

Ken said...

Hi Susan. Came to your blog via XUP.

The device for your bike - where did you get it? I have a bike I hardly use, but room to use it in the basement...

Susan said...


The thing on my bike is called a mag trainer, or "A-frame" trainer. Most serious cycling shops will carry them. MEC has them, too. Wonderful devices.

Thanks for stopping by!