Friday, July 3, 2009

Spa Searching

Now that I know I'll soon be solvent again, I'm starting to look at my upcoming holidays in August. I have three (!) weeks off between my second and third semesters. Mum and Grandma are flying out for a week, but I also want to take a few days at a spa as I did after the first two semester.

Wakefield Mill was lovely, but I am open to new experiences. I'd love to do Ste. Anne's but I'm not quite *that* wealthy. (They have a pretty good package on for the summer, but it ends right as I'd be available to go.) Do you have anything you could suggest to me, within perhaps a three hour drive from Ottawa, or accessible by Via rail?


Velda said...

All I can say is Ste Anne's is worth it...I would call them, tell them your dates..perhaps they would allow the price to extend if prepaid...wouldn't hurt to call. My inlaws go there quite often and they are spa-holics..they say it's *the* best...driving? you? lol

Lorraine said...

I've heard great things about St. Anne's. There's always the Spa at the Elmwood in Toronto.

Susan said...

Velda and Lorraine;

Yeah... Ste. Anne's is wonderful. I've decided to go there... :)

xup said...

I know nothing from spas, but I'm pea green with envy over your upcoming holiday.