Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Bit Of Everything

It's been an awesome week.
  • I made the Dean's List for last semester! Although I know full well how hard I worked, getting that letter in the mail brought tears to my eyes.
  • I have income again. Huge relief.
  • I'm booked into Ste. Anne's for three nights in August. After a little dithering I decided to splurge large. I can't wait!
  • My husband and I went to Richmond Nursery and picked over 40 lbs (!) of strawberries. It's all berries, all the time now in the house... most went into the freezer but some were dehydrated and of course shortcake was consumed with copious amounts of real whipped cream.
  • I worked like a dog the last couple of weeks to get the homework situation under control, and now can sit back (just a little!) and relax. However, midterms still continue... pardon my questioning, but doesn't "mid-term" imply that the tests should be... um... in the middle? And not continually throughout? Of course, exams are in a month, too.
  • The garden is insanely fertile. The radishes have come and gone, I planted a second round of rapini, and we're eating sugar-snap peas to surfeit daily. The sweet peas are beginning to perfume the air at the front of the house.
On the "what the hell?" side of the coin is city council's decision to make students over the age of 27 pay full price for bus passes; we're no longer eligible for the student prices. This is apparently because older full-time students obviously have less need for money than the city does. I don't understand this move at all, aside from the blatant cash-grab. I've already written my city councillor.

Pictures! Yes!


Ever wonder what 40 lbs of strawberries looks like?


What else has to happen after you pick that many berries?


There was baking last weekend... cinnamon rolls with pecans and cranberries. Ooooh yum.


The cat gets everywhere...


...including, on occasion, stuck between the screen and the glass patio door.

Ummm... help? Anybody?


Velda said...

What a great entry, I was smiling, laughing and drooling!'s the funniest thing when kitties get into strange places -- what is it with them sandwiching themselves in there all the time? lol....GREAT photos. OMG your berries are SO much better looking than our tiny things. Could you share your cinnamon roll recipe please? I am envious of your cooking/baking abilities and passion.

Nat said...

Well done...
I have a sudden and intense craving for homemade strawberry jam...

Aline la Bergère said...

What a funny kitty adventure. I feel the same way in my skirt today. A.xx

Lorraine said...

THAT is hysterical!

kate said...

YUMMY! Sweet strawberries, a real summer treat! Do share your recipes - I could be a hero if I made that at home!

Laughed like crazy at the cat, and remembered when my little old man used to do the same as a spring kitten!

So glad you are getting a few moments between studies to enjoy the briefest of summer sun in recent memory!

Arzu said...

Sooooo hungry....... *tries to eat yummy pictures*

Susan said...

Velda: I sent the recipe.

Nat: I ought to make freezer jam...

Aline: Really?! Quelle jupe!

Lorraine: Her face says it all, doesn't it?

Kate: **hugs** nice to hear from you. I'll make the shortcake for you... come on over. :)

Arzu: *giggles* Did you try to cut them out of the monitor, or just lick at them? :)