Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Sights of Summer

I was going out of the house this morning, and as is my ritual, I stopped briefly at the sweet peas at the front of the house for a sniff and to bask in the glory of their riot of colour. As I passed, I saw a bejeweled beauty I knew I had to capture, at the risk of being late for school. (These are amazing, if I do say so myself... clickify to view large. Large is always better.)



Other pretty things...



Like XUP commented a while ago... this summer (and I use the term loosely) may be crappy weather-wise but you can't prove it by the flowers.


Velda said...

Gorgeous photos Susan.

kate said...

Amazing - both the flowers and the dragonfly! I haven't seen dragonflies here in ages! Well worth being late for school if that was the case!

Lorraine said...

Susan- Are those sweetpeas annuals? I have perennial peas that come up all by themselves. They are charming.

Susan said...


The sweet peas are indeed an annual.