Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finally Pictures

I finally got around to getting the pics off my camera, so here are some things I've meant to show you.

First off, a super-fun afternoon project: a quilted pencil-case. The fabric is left-over from the quilt I made for my niece.



The inside, in a coordinating fabric.

A close-up of the quilting.

My cat had a visitor come calling this week.



We live deep in the 'burbs. The developer's equivalent of strip-mining took place before the houses were plopped down, so the wildlife that used to live here was pushed out or killed. This chipmunk is the first I've seen in two years... nature slowly adapting and creeping back to the land we took.
(PS... Liz has since informed me that this was a red squirrel, not a chipmunk, and that this is even better. :) )

Next... a juicy pendant that Velda sent me for my birthday...


She knows I'm crazy about orange! It was a perfect gift... thank you. :)

The Citrus Poppyseed cake I made yesterday. It's a truly decadent cake, with gobs of butter, sugar and eggs; but it's such an infrequent treat (once a year!) that I can make and eat it guilt-free. Almost. :)



Martha Stewart, I ain't... I couldn't smooth out that icing for the life of me, but since it was being eaten amongst family, I didn't sweat it. It tastes wonderful, despite the crappy decorating job.

I need to return to these...


so farewell for now!


Velda said...

You've been very busy! Love the pic of the chipmunk and or dinner? lol Cake looks scrumptious. I'm so pleased you liked your gift :)

Liz in IN said...

It's a red squirrel. Even BETTER than a chipmunk...well, sort of. They're certainly noisier, and also given to eating the roll of TP on canoe trips, as my DH can attest. :) Enjoy your returning wildlife!

YUM. Cake. Enjoy!

Just reading the titles of your textbooks made my brain seize. I bow before your mad techno-skilz (in training).

Susan said...

Liz... Thanks for the corrected ID! You'd think I'd know my fauna better, but well, here we are.
I'm going to put out another suet block, since that was what he fancied, and see if I can't lure him back to the yard; if for no other reason than watching my cat go apoplectic.

kate said...

I missed your special day!! Hope it was completely fab! 29 again huh... and totally looking it, girl!!! That cake looks fabulous too!!

Aline la Bergère said...

Oh how I wish someone would bake me that cake next month!
I'm also jealous of your orange pendant. xx
So glad I found you! A.xx