Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I Learned This Week

  • The college campus is big. Really big. I have several classes back-to-back at opposite ends of the campus, and spend an inordinate time walking briskly through the maze of corridors and stairwells. I must average 5 kms a day, just running from my locker to various classes.
  • Textbooks are freaking heavy. Combine the sheer weight of my book-bag and the amount of travelling done in the average day, and you have a heck of an ad-hoc work out. I had had enough by Friday and went forth and bought my new best friend.
  • I have given up pretending I am not a total geek. The program director was discussing the program stream and possibilities, and I swear to God I got tears of joy in my eye to know that I had this wonderful opportunity ahead of me.
  • I love this subject matter so much that I was excited (!) to have homework.
  • I am aware that perhaps the sheen may have worn off the concept of homework somewhere around week 9.
  • I have 7 weeks of holidays a year, despite working through the summer. That's more than I had in my job! Dudes... I have "study break"... a week off in the middle of February, which I understand many students traditionally spent in Mexico or Florida.
  • Me? I'll be in Nanaimo. Close enough! :)

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Velda said...

Just a little excited are ya???? lol. It shows :)