Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Arzu, my crazy geeky knitting gaming friend, has tagged me. These are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random, arbitrary things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Thing the First: I always thought I'd like to go into nursing when I was younger, so when I was a teenager, I became a candystriper at the local hospital. I worked thousands of volunteer hours, and while I found it a rewarding venture, it convinced me that nursing just was not for me.

Thing the Second: I have a thing about clothes... I cannot wear the same outfit without a nice long delay in between wearings. Say, a month. This little peccadillo goes a long way towards explaining the size of my closet.

Thing the Third: That being said, the majority of my garments were purchased from second-hand shops. I love me a good Value Village/Salvation Army crawl, and indulge once or twice a year. I usually spend the princely sum of about $100 and come home with several new outfits or separates.

Thing the Fourth: I believe my love of second-hand clothing is genetic. Both of my mums love a good Sally Ann crawl. I love it when we get the chance to do it together.

Thing the Fifth: I did not get my birth mum's shoe gene. She loves sexy, spiky-heeled shoes, and loads of em (you should have seen her in the stylish shoe shops in Zagreb, trying to fit just one more pair of gorgeous Italian stilettos into her luggage.) Me? I love my Chacos (often with socks... expat Vancouverite that I am) and when I wear heels, they're chunky and practical. And I only have a few pairs.

Thing the Sixth: I am a huge tea lover. I have in excess of 40 (!) varieties of tea in the house and may consume over 3 litres of tea a day. I enjoy loose variants of green tea the most, but there's a soft place in my heart for herbals, Earl Grey Creme and other premium loose teas.

Those are my Six Random Things. I won't tag you, but feel free to consider yourself tagged. If you take this and run with it, it'd be fun if you commented here and told me so!


Velda said...

I didn't know about Thing 3. What I wouldn't give to have someone I could spend hours and hours with at Value Village (said with a european accent ;) ) It's no fun doing it alone - or rushed!

Aline said...

Hah! Glad to see you back. I was recently tagged and just this afternoon I realized I left out something about me that I should have put out there, so I will here.
Store mannequins give me the creeps. I get the feeling a 'presence' is near me that raises the hair on my neck. I look around and there stands a mannequin. Creepy!
Best of luck with school and transpo...

knitjo said...

Oh Wow! Value Village, you should come to the Mecca of Second Hand Stores down east (the Maritimes) with me to the awesome Guy's Frenchy's--the ultimate in bin diving (they don't put the clothes on racks that would cost too much money). I can clothed two kids and myself with the occasional treasure for DH for under $100. We are talking a full green garbage bag full of clothes!
My mom is there twice a week and she finds awesome treasures--leather coats, suede, name she has found it.

Anonymous said...

You can restrict yourself to once or twice a year at VV? You're a strong, strong woman. In the maritimes they have Frenchy's. It's the ultimate recylced clothing place. It's all in bins (not pre-sorted like at VV and SA) every bin has a flat rate. So, you pay $5 for jean no matter if they're Walmart or designer. There are so many awesome deals there it's worth a trip to Nova Scotia just to go Frenchy's shopping.

Lorie M. said...

I love second hand clothing too, a big bonus is when you find a cool vintage bag or cotton dress..very nice list of things!

Arzu said...

Three litres of tea?!? My goodness, I couldn't even imagine drinking that much. I used to have a cup of hot chocolate every day when I was working, but that was more a ritual to stall for time in the morning to put off having to start my actual work.

Hannah said...

Second hand clothing is the way to go! Personally, I love going to consignment shops. Oh and Earl Grey creme? Hmm, sounds good to me!:)