Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your Brain

This is your brain.


This is your brain on Cat Bordhi.

brain on Cat Bordhi

The marvelous, mysterious Mobius Cowl in Mountain Colors Twizzle, Wild Raspberry colourway.

I finished off this scarf a couple of days ago. I am hoping that the snowstorm that followed within hours was sheer coincidence.

Irish Hiking Scarf

This is a seriously long scarf.

knitting 011

Modified "Irish Hiking Scarf", inspired by the Rebecca 23 scarf with hood. In Schachenmayr nomotta Alpaka, many many balls, and held double throughout. It's about 5 pounds of scarf. No kidding.

With hood sewn up:

knitting 013

(I'm Finnish by heritage... I've never really seen it in myself until I took this photo. Something about those Baltic blue eyes.)


Velda said...

I wish I could read patterns lol....WOWWEE. I LOVE the colour of the cowl...gorgeous. The scarf as usual is beautiful, guess you're all ready for winter! My goodness you knit fast!

(LOVE the lanterns by your stairs!)

xup said...

Yes, I can see your finnish knitting that long scarf. It looks awesome. I think I'm going to need one

AlisonH said...

Beautiful! And oh goodness, I laughed at the brain on Cat Bordhi thing.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

So you're the one to blame for all that snow. I guess this means that if we get the predicted 1/3 more snow than last winter we'll be able to point the fingers at you as well.

Aline said...

That is a wonderful scarf/hoodie. I just realized I don't have any Cat Bordhi books...gasp!