Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keep It Simple

I refuse out of sheer, purposeless stubbornness principle to turn on central heating until at least November. Given that fact and the brutal fall snow storm we endured last night, it was only 16 degrees in the house this morning. DH and the girls didn't say anything... perhaps they were conserving their strength.

Given that, and the fact that I apparently can't sew anything more challenging than a button on over the last couple of days, led to some practical, fun sewing. Meet a small family of rice heating pads, complete with cushy colourful flannel cases. I'll keep a couple for me and hubby and give the SD's one each to warm their beds at night.

Rice Bags 1

A quick glance out the window to confirm why these are so welcome:

Sewing Snow

On the positive side, the cool house is inspiring our kitties to try to get along. There's only so much room in front of the fireplace, and they set aside their differences to roast their noggins together for a while.

Sisterly Love 001

Mina, the tuxedo cat, regards Ginger with much suspicion. Rightfully so, as Ginger, the young upstart, is of a tender young age where ambushes are good fun. Mina, a somber old senior citizen of a feline, begs to differ.


Aline said...

I love the expression on Mina's face! What a dear. I have no luck with cats. I admire others that do. Your minous are so lovely.
What a great idea for those heating pads! I should not be so lazy over here...

Unfortunately, I have the exact same adventures in sewing... the endless stitch ripping continues. boo hoo. I take longs breaks in between mistakes. sigh.

Velda said...

Smart kitties! Love the heating pads, could use one for my knee today! Any particular kind of rice work better over another to hold the heat? The little kids have bears stuffed with oatmeal that go in the microwave, but they are huge and cumbersome, love the kitty bags!