Monday, October 6, 2008

What's On the Needles?

With all the whining I've been doing about work and whatnot, I bet you forgot that this is supposed to be a knitblog. I've been woefully inept at including fabric-y content, let alone actually knitting; however, there are a few things on the needles right now.

These are socks I cast on for the trip to Edmonton; I needed something on DPN's so I could knit on the plane. This is my first project using the Harmony laminated birch needles, and I have to say I'm impressed. With a bit of use these needles get glossier and very slick; a pleasure to knit with.


I'm still plugging away at the two socks on one circular needle. I have come to the conclusion that a longer cable would make life so much easier.


I'm half-way between the beginning of the arm steek lines and the neck shaping on the Kauni Damask cardigan. I really have to be in the mood to knit on this one... that's why it's taking crazy-long.



I think I've abandoned the tank-top of Berroco Suede Deluxe- even after strenuous blocking it's about an inch too short width-wise. I could probably compensate somewhat by increasing the width of the back piece. So, do I complete the tank-top, risking the possibility that it will be completely unwearable, or do I plug away on the back, just for the thrill of actually completing a garment and just in case it actually fits???


I am itching to begin a new alpaca scarf/hood for myself. I yearn for the charmingly-named 23 Scarf With Hood (Ravelry link) from Rebecca, but can't see myself coughing up the Euros to buy a copy of the magazine. I think I can also do something lovely with the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, and then sew the hood in as per the Rebecca pattern. I have 1000 yards of some lovely grey alpaca bought during one of Wool-Tyme's warehouse sales... it's DK weight but I was thinking of holding two strands together for extra warmth. Whatever I do, it had best be started soon... scarf weather is nearly upon us!


lookinout said...

Is there anyway you could make the front of the tank into the back and then do a new front? Anyway you're showing us some really neat stuff.

Velda said...

Beautiful pieces, I love the first socks..they look to be my size too *giggle* HUGE! lol....I say continue knitting, I am sure you can figure something out to make it work.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I always arrive at the same cross road myself. Buy more needles or finish the project that I have on the size that I'm itching to use for a new project.

New needles usually wins out every time. This may explain the many WIPs that I if that's all the project you have, on the go, then consider yourself lucky.

knitjo said...

My two cents worth, knit the back and then add a side panel on each side--did this once with a sweater for my son, worked like a charm.