Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wireless, Revisited

Someone who I shall not name said in the comments that they expected my new wireless capabilities in the sewing room would reduce my over-all productivity. I beg to differ.

I love to listen to audio books while I sew or knit. Now, instead of downloading them and transferring them to a portable device, I can play them right from the laptop, as well as streaming radio.

I use EQ5 to design some quilts. I design downstairs then either print them off or walk down to reference them all the time. Now, I can EQ right from my sewing table.

Just this week I was sewing something and lacked the knowledge to continue. I made a mental note to look it up next time I was on the Net, and then realized I didn't have to. The answer was now at my fingertips.

I honestly don't think productivity will be sacrificed. I think it makes me more efficient, as well as entertains me while I am working. Win-win!


Velda said...

Aha! I stand corrected

- not named huh? lol...funny girl

I'm so glad that it is enhancing your crafting experiences...

knitjo said...

Hi Susan,
I've got a new toy too. Haven't gotten wireless, yet, but plenty of new stuff to learn!