Monday, September 1, 2008

All Sewn Up

I felt like sewing today... really sewing, not fussing with a quilt. This combined with my new-found determination to be the mistress of all things fibery had me pulling out a pattern and material for a dress that I had abandoned in fear over three years ago.

The pattern, a simple jumper from Butterick (now discontinued) quickly overwhelmed me for some reason and I packed it all away, with the pieces just cut out of the fabric, only one or two seams sewn. I think I had this misperception in my mind that sewing clothes was difficult... but I wasn't going to let that stand in my way today. After I had become the mistress of my knitting and quilting, I was damned if I would let a little dress stand in my way.

And as it stands right now, I have a perfectly pretty dress. I probably could have slapped the whole thing together in two days, from start to finish- no need for it to take three years. I ought to be ashamed of myself! I still need to hem it and find some pretty buttons, but dudes,
for all intents and purposes, it is done, and it was easy-peasy. Either I've grown as a seamstress or just grown the balls to not be so afraid of making mistakes. I think a little of both.

Pics forthcoming after I've had me a trip to the button store. Which incidentally is the yarn store. Oh dear... :)


Velda said...

Oh I'm jealous! how I'd love to make my own clothes...I even took home ec in school, made a skirt and a tote bag and that was the last of it. Looking forward to pictures!

XUP said...

Don’t beat yourself up, woman. That’s one more dress than most of the rest of us have sewn in the last 3 years

Aline said...

Good for you! Which reminds me tomorrow I have to go and find ribbon for my Sir Swing Cardigan...still in miserable pieces because I am painting bedrooms instead. Crazy crazy.