Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ready for Everything

The buttons are on, the hem is... hemmed, and I am verily pleased with my newly recalled abilities as a seamstress.



I look so stern in this one, but it's a nice shot of the dress, and of one of our roses, which refuse to give up the fight...


Please also admire my plain-Jane knee-high woolie socks. This outfit will handle winter's worst with grace and aplomb.



And, if you're still in the mood for celebrating (I am!), help me welcome my newest baby into the family:


I may be about to join the ranks of dirt-poor students, but at least I'll have wireless Internet access and on-the-go blogging abilities. Yay!!!


Velda said...

I'm incredibly impressed. Well done!

XUP said...

I'm so far beyond impressed it isn't even funny. I've just resigned myself to believing some people can do magical things like this and some (and by some, I mean me) can't. You look really familiar -- where did you go to school?

Susan said...

Thanks, XUP! I'm sure you can do magical things, too... maybe not with fabric or fiber, but something else.
I'm a Northern BC girl, schooled in Dawson Creek...

Aline said...

Okay so now I know who I can turn to for help when I sew my stuff! Amazing outfit, socks to match and everything. Where does she find the time?