Sunday, March 30, 2008

FO... Again.

I have a knitting disorder.

Specifically, I have a mitten knitting disorder. I cannot, for love nor money, turn out two consecutive mittens of the same size. My needles and yarn don't change, but lo and behold, the second mitten is invariably larger than the first.

For the first pair of "Warm Cozy Mittens", I had to knit three to turn out two the same size. The pattern held true for the second pair, as well... and they were a gift, so I needed to crank that third true-to-size mitten out in a week. Fortunately, I am getting good at these mittens and nearly have the pattern memorized. There's something to be said for excessive repetition.

Here's the second pair in all their glory.




And here's the recipient, enjoying them. Again, excessively. I am hoping Alberta has a rather bitterly cold spring, because her hands will be way too warm otherwise... :)



My mum is a freak. That's okay. At least I know where I get it from. :)


~V said...

lol I can almost hear her giggling! What a gorgeous gift! Perhaps if you knit lots of them, you'll end up with more pairs the same size by mix and matching ;)

kate said...

Loved meeting your Mom! She's hilarious and the mittens and water bottle - totally crackers!