Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 More Days

Though spring is persistently absent, I have begun to turn the house upside down and shake it out. Saturday I picked up the paintbrush for the first time in a long while and painted the trim in the upstairs hallway, main bathroom and got a start on the ensuite bathroom. The trim includes no fewer than 7 doors, two of which needed to be painted on both sides.

I hate painting doors, as no matter how smooshy your roller is, there are invariably textured lines that didn't get the paint. I'm a little obsessive about my painting. That's what today was for... travelling all over the house with a tiny paintbrush, touching up the assorted nicks, gouges and dings the walls have taken over the last couple of years. They (and the people who so carelessly inflict them) drive me mental.

All this frantic painting-cleaning-patching-decorating has absolutely nothing to do with the fact my mom and dad are coming on Friday.


~V said...

lol are you sure it has nothing to do with your family coming? lol...Glad you got things accomplished, you sound pleased. Oh and I have those nicks too and I growl every time I look at them. But I'm not enticed just *yet* to get the paint out...

Bergère de Lochaber said...

Oh my, I guess I can't have you over for tea and knitting then...joke! Good luck with your painting. It will be fabulous by Friday. See you tonight!