Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feeling Quilty

Partially due to the Stash Dash Poker Run that Lisa and mum and I indulged in on Tuesday, I have a resurgence of the quilting bug.

We visited several quilting shops in and around Ottawa, had a wonderful adventure, met some nice people and I found a new LQS to call home. We started in Osgoode at Julee's, and met the friendliest shop-cat ever, Waffles. She thinks we look tasty.

From Osgoode we hopped to Kemptville, then to Richmond, two shops in Almonte, and a final stop at Kanata's own Yarn Forward. (There was a bonus stop in at the Running Stitch, who, oddly enough, weren't participating in the fun.) We had lunch at a lovely tea room in Almonte and just had a day of stash-enhancement and giggles. It was all good.

Our best hand between the three of us? A full house. Three kings and a pair of eights. I doubt it will win a grand prize, but who cares. It was a day well spent.

Today I spent some time working on a quilt I promised a girlfriend some long while back. Good progress was made, and she might actually get this quilt sometime this year. (stop laughing!) I bought some nickel packs of fabric (5 inch squares, not 5 cents each) to start a quilt for my niece, who is almost ready for a big-girl bed quilt. I need to finish my friend's quilt before I begin another one. I also saw a glorious French Braid quilt table runner at Running Stitch that has my creative juices bubbling.


~V said...

WOW that's alot of shops but it sounds like a heavenly way to spend the weekend! Good luck winning in the poker run!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Oh you shouldn't have told me about that.....too much temptation.

Bergère de Lochaber said...

Hi! Those mittens are lovely. So is your mum! Glad you had so much fun at those shops. Your quilting might get my quilted wall-hanging out of the bowels of my closet...It has been in severe time-out for years. I think it was more the obsessed teacher of that course that turned me against the project. Thank God for you! Bring back the goodness in quilting to my studio. My grandmother was an awesome quilter. I have it in me somewhere...will miss our knit nights for a while but I know you have a good/fun reason. enjoy yourselves.