Saturday, June 12, 2010

From the Society Desk

In an unexpected move, Ms. Geek Muffin of Ottawa, ON, formerly of Vancouver, BC, married Nexus One in a secret ceremony this week. It was known that she currently was engaged in a relationship with Nokia barphone, but close friends and family knew that she secretly lusted for the sleek Motorola Milestone. Interestingly, Nexus is the faster, more full-featured big brother of Milestone. Says one source in the family, "I guess it makes sense. When she decided to throw away her 7-year relationship with Nokia, she decided to go big or go home."

In mourning about the shocking decision are Ms. Muffin's MP3 player, camera and travel alarm clock, to say nothing of Nokia, saying "She doesn't need us anymore, now that she has Nexus." The laptop is taking it slightly better as his position in her life is assured, but acknowledges that plans for a GPS in her life are now highly unlikely.

Ms. Geek Muffin is unavailable for comment at this time, as she is busy compulsively clicking on the courier website, tracking the location of Nexus, who is expected to arrive early this week from his home at Google Headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Nexus One, eh? I've been lusting after the Motorola Milestone myself, though I've been told that the HTC Hero or Legend are far superior to any other android and, of course to that "Apple thing". Well congratulations. I shall have to see if Nexus One has any available brothers.

Susan said...

I've had the Nexus in-hand for a few hours now, and I gotta tell you, it's love. Although it's not hard to beat the pants off a 7-year old Nokia bar phone, the features of this lovely knock my socks off. I wish you luck in your Android pursuit! (I hear good things about the HTC Evo and Incredible, although they're not currently available in Canada.)

kate said...

Is that freak or geek, nexus girl! - with you I never know, but love either just as much! Missing you tons!

Velda said...

In addition to writing a book, you should write commercials ;)

Enjoy your toy