Monday, September 14, 2009

On The Run Again

My first week of classes is over and I'm hyped about the new semester. I have four core programming courses: Object Oriented Programming II (Java), Systems Analysis and Design, Web Programming (HTML, CSS, Perl, PHP, Javascript) and Graphical User Interface Programming (C#), as well as an elective (Wine, Food and Culture... tough gig, no?) and an hour a week for Co-op prep, as our co-op work terms will begin in January. I already love all my classes and I think I have truly wonderful profs in all of them.

I finished my homework on Saturday and had the luxury of spending Sunday in the sewing room, finishing two blocks of "Storybook Farm", Room to Breeze and Wooly Good Friends. This quilt is cuteness epitomized... the tiny little quilt on the clothesline is actually a real quilt, made separately, machine quilted and then pinned on the clothesline with wee clothespins. Pics to come!

I also finished knitting a hat and scarf set in Noro. Again, pics on the way after blocking. I am working my way though my "ugh" knitting pile before I will allow myself to cast on something new... perhaps this, or maybe this? I certainly need to cast on a sock for easy school knitting.

Now that DH is all officerized, he's away on course until February, but not so far away that he can't come home on weekends. The house is rather quiet, which makes for excellent studying, but the kitties and I miss him.


lookinout said...

I like the Kertzer pattern, probably because of the colours. The yarn is quite bulky. I was considering it and talked to the Cdn supplier. She sent me a ball of it, in a colour other than the one shown, so the temptation fell. I might return to it at some point. I don't know if anyone here in Ottawa carries it. It didn't seem so. If you want to see the ball I have, we can probably arrange it.
Good luck with all your classes. Your enthusiasm is great and hopefully inspires others.

Velda said...

I was thinking of you today, and wondered how you were enjoying your classes. No surprise, you're totally involved. I love your elective! I look forward to seeing pics of the quilt in progress. You, not cast anything new on? HAHA, uh, okay. I'll believe you. *rolls eyes* The shawl is gorgeous but I can't get the Kertzer link to come up.
I hope time passes quickly until Wayne is back home to you again.

Susan said...

I actually have the yarn for this already, in the colourway shown in the flyer. I picked it up last year at the Creativ Festival after trying on and falling in love with the sample jacket they had on display. I'm not usually an acrylic gal, but this jacket changed my mind!
I think Giselle out at Wool-n-Things in Orleans carries the Kertzer bulky.
Thanks for the luck wished with my classes! It's only Week 2 so I don't need it yet but I will soon! :)

Susan said...

Odd that that Kertzer link doesn't seem to work. (Just checked it again... it does today but it didn't yesterday. I think the Kertzer site was down briefly.)
I figured Miss Purple would like the shawl.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, you get to play single woman a little bit. Enjoy -- it will make those weekends all the sweeter.