Friday, September 4, 2009

Just Rewards

From the utterly trivial to matters most important. Today at a rather informal BBQ, my husband received his commission. As a nod to the fact that the wife is always the higher rank in a relationship (!), I got the task of actually putting his new rank up.


My husband, who is usually so composed, was noticeably jittery this morning. It was kinda cute, but I wasn't surprised. It's the biggest career move for him since he joined the military 22 years ago. I am so proud of him for having the guts to make such a major change at a point in his career when it would be so easy to just ride it out until quittin' time.


Wayne with two of his proud girls; myself and daughter H.


Where he's come from, and where he is. Where he (and by extension, we) are going is a big mystery now that we're stepped into the whirlwind, but I am his biggest fan and we can handle whatever comes.


lookinout said...

I wish you both all the best. Mine retired more than 10 yrs ago after a career of over 30 yrs. It had its challenging moments.

kate said...

Congratulations Wayne!who! Ya done good!!!
Now who has to salute who? Tee-hee!!

Always a happy event to see you all doing such amazing things - wherever you all end up it will be a great adventure that for sure!

Hannah said...

Congratulations to your husband! Best of luck in his new rank!:)

XUP said...

Cool-o. Life should be an ongoing adventure.