Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stupid Dumb Boys

I am aware that men don't necessarily have the market on stupidity cornered, but you can't prove it by me this week. I have witnessed no fewer than four men of my acquaintance, both extremely close and not-so close, reap exactly what they sowed and then be all surprised and indignant about it.

One man in my life abused his body for decades with crap food and a sedentary lifestyle, mocking his wife's best efforts to encourage a healthier lifestyle. He's now diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and boy is he reading those nutrition labels carefully now. A little bit of that concern for his own well-being a few years back and he wouldn't necessarily be staring disease in the face.

Another man of my acquaintance didn't think money was a big deal... until his credit cards were all maxed and he couldn't even pay the interest any more. Now, money is a very big deal indeed to him, and will continue to be for years to come. A little needs/wants assessment and budgeting might have saved him and everyone else a whole lot of heartache.

A third little darlin' that I know thinks that skipping class isn't a big deal. Little does he know that he's now on his last strike... one of the classes he's persistently skipped has a "miss three and you fail" rule, but how would he know, since he's never in class?

The fourth story is not my story to tell... but I'm sure my good friend Raina could speak volumes about her stupid dumb boy. I feel your pain, hon.

I could scream with frustration at the actions of these boys around me. No, I'm not perfect, by any means, but some of these problems are so easily avoided.

My grandma has an analogy that I find amusing. She says that the brains of men are like waffles... they crawl into a hole, and then they crawl out and fall into another hole. The brains of women, on the other hand, are like a plate of spaghetti... twining all directions and all over the place at the same time.

Give me patience, Lord, and preserve me from the waffle-brains in my life.


raino said...

i'm feeling like i need a little bit of the lords help as well. one of the stupitest things i have seen is an instance that happened today. this person decides to go out to mow the lawn and not one of the three lawnmowers that we have started. no wonder. they were left out all winter.

xup said...

Your granny sounds like an extraordinarily wise woman. Did she come up with that herself or read it somewhere? So apt. The last part of your brain to mature (at around age 25)is the part that helps you fully realize the long-term consequences of your actions. I often wonder how often that maturing never takes place