Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Semester, Ho!

I completely and totally rocked last semester, if I do say so myself... I even surprised myself with an A in Java, which meant I must have walked on water for that final exam. In Database I got the B that I expected... but that didn't stop the chair of our department from sending me a letter today, telling me that he thought I rocked, too. Very, very good stuff.

Second semester looks scary, and I'm only a couple of days in. However, I think I was scared for the first semester, too... every time I feel overwhelmed I'll log in and read my marks again.

I'd like to thank the anonymous smarty-pants who corrected my writing on the last post. While it's a perfectly valid point, and I did indeed mean "bated breath", rather than "baited breath" as written... dude, don't you have anything better to do than to anonymously nit-pick blogs? At least have the balls to offer your name along with your criticism.

(Had to laugh at the imagery of worms in my mouth, though. Nicely phrased, despite it all.)


Aline la Bergère said...

smarty pants would have too much homework over on my blog...hee!
Best of luck with this new semester. A.xx

Velda said...

I have no doubt you'll do just fine!

*gasp* you? a grammatical error??!! I'm astounded lol....

xup said...

Gasp… a “B”!! I’m horrified. Rock on next semester

kate said...

Guess anonymous doesn't want anyone editing their writing! Coward!

Thank goodness I don't speak geek or I'd be totally terrified to be in your presence with those awesome marks of yours! I think I'll stick to languages we have in common: k2tog, yo, st - you catch my drift!

Kick ass in semester 2 - you can totally do it!