Sunday, April 26, 2009

Signs of (Crafting) Life

I've since finished the companion to that lone fingerless glove I teased you with ages ago.


I've also completed the lovely Whisper cardigan from the Interweave Knits Spring magazine.




I absolutely love this knit and am thrilled to have finished something so lovely. I wore it for my final database exam and I think it made me 5% smarter.

There's also signs of life in the sewing room.



Mum Janet's quilt is coming along nicely... I love how it's working up. The neutrals are so elegant and the top stitching in the high-sheen rayon is delicious. I'm sure she'll be delighted with it!


Aline la Bergère said...

Yay!! your whisper is so cute on you! ooooh those sewing stitches look fabulous too. A.xx

knitjo said...

Love Whisper Cardi... Great to see you back...

Velda said...

very cute! Love the back of the cardigan...LOVE LOVE LOVE the're so talented.

richgold said...

I've been waiting for that glove! ;-)

Wahoo. Where them in good health.