Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bringing Me Back To Reality

A thanks to all that sent comments remembering that today marks a significant passage for me; my last day as a serving member of the CF. I thought it would make me a little sad at the change; as good as school and my civilian life is shaping up, I loved my time of service and was so proud to be a part of something so (I think) important.

Honestly... I've had no time for emotional response. With two term tests this week (one in database, which I find very challenging), finals in another week and a beloved guest (mum Linda) coming out on Thursday, I have had absolutely no quiet time for reflection. I ran ragged all weekend, studying this, fixing that, doing practice tests, sewing, gaming... until my husband, catching sight of the fevered, frenzied gleam in my eye, ran me a hot bubble bath and gave me a massage on Sunday night "to bring me back to reality", he said.

Yes, he *is* a keeper.

Thanks as well for your comments on your favourite poets. I'll have to check them all out and see if there's not another personal "win" on the list.


Velda said...

((hugs)) for the emotions that I'm sure will hit you soon enuf and *a salute* to thank you for your service and dedication :)

Neal Styles said...

As you may remember, all my boys are involved with the military; son-in-law Andrew and son Danny are in the regular forces, while young Mike is in Cadets. I am fiercely proud of all of them.
So too you. In the years we’ve been friends, I have had so many reasons to love you and be proud to call you my friend, but I have not really said much about your time in the Forces.
On this, your last day, it seems appropriate to say how I feel. I believe there is no higher calling than to serve your country. It is the clearest way to state your values, and your willingness to lay your life on the line in defense of the freedom of others to share or differ from those values. Whether it be in the line of fire or in excruciating boredom of office routine, to show up for work every day and do what needs to be done so others can pursue the lives they choose is a test of character few would pass.
I hope soon, before the spirit of the soldier leaves the body of the soldier that you will find the time to reflect on the last fifteen years. From the day you made the decision to sign up until this final day, so much has happened to change your life and the way you see the world. Great accomplishments, challenges that caused you to doubt yourself, successes that shattered that doubt. Moments that made you shriek with excitement, cry in despair, fear for your life, bring great clarity to what life really is. Events that made you stand proud alongside people closer than brothers and sisters, events that caused wrenching pain when one is lost forever. Quiet times, panic times. The regulations and the freedom. Stinking days in the same clothes, the exquisite pleasure of a shower and clean socks. The tests taken, the lessons learned.
So today it is over. But the soldier will carry on regardless; that is what soldiers do. That soldier will always be inside you, and when she gets called into action, she will be there to face anything, any fear, any challenge, any obstacle.
So cut off a small patch of your uniform. Carry that bit of green with you always, just to remind you of who you were, who you are, who you will always be.
I love you and have told you so many times. Today, let me say how proud I am of you, how proud I am to call you my friend.
Let me say too, on behalf of my family and friends, thank-you, soldier.

Aline la Bergère said...

Thinking of you and this significant day. Best wishes for everything you do and my hopes for your happiness and health always.

lookinout said...

How can I say better than what's been said. All the best!

raino said...

i cried through was neal wrote. congrats girl~

knitjo said...

Wow! Susan, I just can't see you as a soldier even if I know that you are a strong person. In my eyes, you are an adventurous knitter with a flair for challenging patterns...The things you can learn from blogs!
Your career in the forces may be done, but I think there will always be a special place in your heart for it as one does not forget their experiences even when they move on...