Friday, February 13, 2009

In Short...

I have an hour between when school is done and when I have to be at the airport.... I'm flying out to Nanaimo (BC) for reading week. Although I take with me massive amounts of homework, both projects and reading, I feel this break is due and deserved.

Last night's dance went amazingly well, and the video looks great. However, the file is 151 Mb and Flickr only accepts videos 150 Mb and under. Of course. So, until I figure out the mysteries of AVI compression, you cannot share our moment of glory. (Is there anyone wise in the ways of this that can throw me a tip?)

(I emailed a link to the photo of the outfit I made for dance class to Linda MacPhee, the designer. She wants to use the photo and my email in her next newsletter! *squee!*)

I'll blog as I can and as I feel like it from the West Coast. I can feel something easing in me already, just knowing I'm going back to the place I love so well. Have a fabulous week.


Velda said...

Have a wonderful trip! You sound relaxed already. Congratulations on the use of your photo, what an awesome feeling that must be.

As for the video issue, I know AJ can solve that for you, I've asked him and will email you with the info that he provides :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy spring out there! And please bring it with you when you come back

kate said...

Break out the socks and sandals and have a fab trip!! You HAVE earned it baby!

So - photo's for Linda McPhee; huh! You'll be too good for the likes of us soon enough!! Congratulations!!

Bring spring back please - we need it!!