Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally Finished

These two pairs of socks seemed to take forever, but they were worth the wait. S6301717 I took pictures of these as I kayaked the Rideau canal last summer... Yeah... they're skating on it now. Glory hallelujah, they're done. (Indigo Moon hand-dyed yarn, Cookie A's Hedera pattern.) S6301720
These began as "Plane Socks", started on DPN's as I needed something to work on while flying out West. Then they became "The Socks That Never End"... and now they're simply done. I ran out of the "
On Your Toes" yarn near the top but boldly kept on knitting with some Louet Gems that I had laying around... these are lovely cold-weather buddies.

Finally, in the sewing room, I've made a lovely outfit for dancing. Kate and I sat in on some of Linda MacPhee's workshops at CSNF in the fall, and Linda has made me fall in love all over again with sewing. Great patterns, clearly written, and not needlessly complicated, made in forgiving and wonderfully drapy fabrics. What's not to love?

Wayne and I are doing a floor-show at our dance-studio this Thursday... a sultry rumba to Sade's
Smooth Operator. I'll be wearing this: S6301713
This skirt, Linda's "Salsa Skirt", is made out of movement itself. I think it would dance without me wearing it... I can't wait to show it off in the studio. Looking fantastic is at least half of any dance routine! (The top is just her "Model T" with funnel neck and long sleeves.)

I love this skirt so much I just ordered more slinky from Linda to make three more...
I'm hoping to record our floor-show, but will only post it if it is of good quality, and if the dancers (cough*us*cough*) don't screw it up too badly. Wish us luck!


Velda said...

I'm so jealous of your craftiness! That outfit is to die for! But I love the socks-that-never-end the most. I so hope you post a dance video, I'd love to see you two in action!

Arzu said...

Those orange and blue socks are so you! And a rumba sounds like so much fun. I'm glad to see that craftiness is still taking place despite how much school work you have :)

lookinout said...

The outfit looks great on you. The long, tall socks made me immediately think of a kilt and Highland dancing.