Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't Prove it By the Poppies

Here it is, mid-November, but my front garden is seemingly unaware of the fact. These pictures were taken about a half-hour ago.





This is my first year growing poppies and I am utterly charmed by how fragile they appear, yet how hardy they actually are. Every night I sit out on the front stoop for a bit, taking in the air and clearing my head before turning in for the night. There have been nights when the grass was crispy and a cautious poke at the poppy petals revealed them to be frozen solid; as delicate (I would imagine) as a glass potato chip. However, the morning dawns and they raise their cheery little heads and sing once more.

Thank you, God, for poppies. I hope to grow up to be one.


lookinout said...

A real success! I don't think my poppies live past mid July. They're one of my favourite flowers, particularly the red ones. I have some embroidered ones.

Velda said...

Hmmm, a sign perhaps? Poppies, just for you :)

Mine only lasted until late august. But they will be back again next year, along with the new ones I planted this year :)

Anonymous said...

I love, love poppies. I always make sure they dominate any garden I've ever had. I'm thinking we're not going to get real winter this year. Okay?