Saturday, February 9, 2008

Actual Knitting Content!

Amid the whirl of the last couple of weeks, I finished off a pair of socks, cast on for the second of another, finished the first of one pair, and did a quickkie one-day project. The needles are as active as ever.

This is despite having been bitten by the Home Improvement bug yet again... with mom and dad coming out next month, I have been busy finishing off painting and assisting DH with the basement. Fortunately or otherwise, my measurement and cutting skills from quilting transfer quite well to carpentry, and DH has been enlisting me to aid him. I know it's only fair as it's my basement too, but I can't help but itch to be anywhere else but the basement when the power-tools are screaming, I'm covered head-to-toe in sawdust and sneezing convulsively. This is why I am I love with textile arts... it's clean and quiet!

A couple of pictures before I run away and lock myself in the sewing room for a while. I made myself write an essay and a half this afternoon to buy myself time for good clean sewing fun!

Here's the socks. Love 'em.

OnLine SuperSocke 100, cotton/wool blend. Blueberry Waffle pattern.

Obligatory cat picture with knitting content.

The quikkie project, with a small rant inserted. After learning, much to my horror, that my ever-present Nalgene bottle has been secretly poisoning me, and much more so when I make my twice-a-day pot of tea in it, I recycled it immediately and bought a pretty, functional stainless steel replacement from a very efficient shop in BC. (I am making light of this but I actually feel sick and betrayed every time I think about it. For the love of God, get rid of your Nalgene bottles.) (I'm actually in the process of de-plastic-ing my kitchen. Should be interesting.)

Anyhow. The stainless steel is lovely but its single-wall construction gets too hot too the touch when I make tea in it. The tea also cools too quickly for my liking. What else does a knitter do, but make a Klean Kanteen Kozy out of scrummy left-overs from my leg warmers?! It works like a charm; the tea stays warm for hours, I love the feel of the wool/mohair, and I get to enjoy some of my favourite yarn every day. It's truly a win-win situation.


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~V said...

OMGosh I had no idea! How frightening, I hope you're okay and no residual side effects! ((hugs))

Socks and kitty are GORGEOUS!