Friday, October 26, 2007

Biting the Bullet

So, after a time of heavy debate, my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and fly back out to the Coast. My mum has expressed a desire to be alone in her grief, but we (my husband and I) think that closing ranks as a family and standing together is important. We're going anyhow, but staying at a sumptuous B&B in the city so as to be able to give her the solitude she needs.

This should be a no-brainer, right? Family sticks together. It just makes sense. However, when I called to let her know I was coming, the reaction was far less positive then hoped. We go prepared for anything; at the least, a nice couples holiday on the Coast. At best? Perhaps some healing.
Wish us luck and patience.

On the plus side, there's another pair of West-Jet socks in the offing. And the opportunity to spend DH's birthday together, which hasn't happened for some time... we've managed to find ourselves on opposite ends of the world for years now.

My wonderful hubby is actually pretty excited that my "gift" to him is spending 6.5 hours jammed together in a metal tube. Happy birthday, honey! :)


~Tammy said...

Susan, again I'm sorry for your loss, but moreso now, for the less than warm reception from your mum.

Have fun being stuck in a metal tube with your hubby! Sometimes you just have to take the time when you can get it. Enjoy those west-jet socks too.

kate said...

I'm glad that you have decided to do what is right for you.
While it is nice to try to respect everyone's wishes and especially your Mum's, your own feelings are just as important, and you must always follow your heart in these matters.
With time perhaps your Mum will see through her grief that you need to be there too. She is likely just a bit over-whelmed right now and worried about how to manage everyone and everything.
Enjoy your bonus time with hubby, it will be healing in such a lovely place.
Sending you both big hugs.

~Velda said...

WOW what a gorgeous B&B! Enjoy what you can. Hopefully mum will realize after the fact what a blessing you both are you to her at this time.